A Sneak Peek Into Our Journal Combo

A Sneak Peek Into Our Journal Combo

Have you ever wondered if a manifestation journal is for you, or perhaps a daily gratitude journal? Do you know how to start manifesting, or are you looking for some guidance? 

Oh boy are we proud of our very first product ever! Our exclusive Boxed Journal Set is currently under production and set to reach us; and you, in January 2024! We have tried and tested this Manifestation & Gratitude combo set for months now, and we are finally certain that this journaling set has the power to truly help you grow, increase your sense of inner peace and ultimately; help you on your way to manifest your dream life!

While anticipating the launch, we are beyond excited to give you a beautiful sneak peek into its content:

The Boxed Set comes in a beautiful slipcase, crafted from 100% recycled Eska® board, covered in thick linen and debossed with golden foil.

Close-up of boxed Manifrestation and Gratitude journal set in gray linen and gold debossing

The slipcase contains two journals, both covered in the same exclusive linen:

  • Your Actions: Our Manifestation Journal, consisting of 282 pages of inspiring content, art, quotes, motivational boosts, and ample numbered blank pages designed for 100 days of manifestation journaling.
  • Your Smile: Our Gratitude Journal, consisting of 154 pages of beautiful content, art, inspiring quotes and guided pages for 100 days of gratitude journaling.

Both journals contain chapters with thorough information on manifestation and gratitude respectively, as well as introductory and closing pages where you set your goals, reflect upon your current reality, and commit to your manifestation and gratitude journey.

Dark green manifestation journal named and bright pink gratitude journal laying on a picnic blanket.

Every 10 days during your 100 days of journaling, you are guided through a check-in, designed for you to tap into the happenings of the past days, reflecting upon your experiences, and ensuring you stay on track with the goals and hopes you set before the initiation of your journey. 

Opened Manifestation journal laying on table surrounded by flowers and fruits. Displaying beautiful artwork of woman manifesting her dream life

Both books contain gorgeous art, sparkling in color and setting the mood for 100 days of inspired journaling and personal growth.

Open Manifestation Journal in an apple field.

Motivational quotes will inspire you along the way. 

Open Gratitude journal on table, displaying colorful art and a the following quote: "Happiness will never come to those who fail to appreciate what they already have".

Cannot wait? Purchase our Boxed Mnaifestation and Gratitude Journal Set now and be the first to receive it fresh off the printing press in January 2024! Be amongst the first 100 to make the commitment and get a 20% discount on the launching price.

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