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Our Exclusive Boxed Journal Set is finally here! Commit to making 2024 your best year yet by purchasing your own set TODAY!

Introducing the Ultimate Journal Set: The 100-day Manifestation Journal + the 100-day Gratitude Journal, bundled together in a gorgeous slipcase designed to make your bookshelf shine!

The exclusive set is designed to unlock the power within you and help you on your way to manifest your best life, all through hard, but guided inner work.


  • The Ultimate Combination of Manifestation and Gratitude: A double set to help you truly create the life you want by tapping into your own power with positivity, clarity, alignment, and action. Gratitude is a prerequisite for manifestation and that's exactly why these two journals belong together. 
  • Knowledge is power: Background information on the art of manifestation and how it works.
  • Step-by-step Process: You will be taken through a natural flow of information and exercises to ensure that you are not missing the beat during your journey of manifestation. 
  • Purposeful Design: The Journals are thoughtfully crafted for the purpose of giving you motivation, inspiring reflection, and keeping you on the right path towards your goals.
  • Thorough investigation: These Journals are not like your ordinary empty  journals in that they truly inspire you to rethink, rewire, reset, and achieve.
  • A 100-day adventure: These Journals take you through 100 days of manifestation and gratitude practices and gratitude.
  • Tracking process: Before and after reflections, daily journaling pages and 10-day check-ins are all included for measurable change during and after your journaling adventure.
  • Start anytime: You decide when you start, but make sure you commit for 100 days consecutively.
  • High-quality materials: This Journal set is crafted using premium materials to ensure durability and a luxurious feel. Its portable size makes it perfect for carrying with you, so you can manifest anywhere, anytime. The slipcase makes a wonderful addition to any interior. 

Frequently Asked Questions

If pre-ordering now, your journal set will reach you fresh from the printing press early 2024. As the sets are shipped to our base in Norway by sea, we can not guarantee a specific date, but believe us when we say that shipping this set to you is our top priority as soon as their in our hands! You will of course receive updates along the way and you can reach out anytime during the waiting period at We're here to help!

  • If signing up for the pre-launch you will be amongst the first people who receive the set, ever! And belive us, it is worth waiting for!
  • The price you receive upon purchasing today is 20% the launching price.
  • A pre-launch purchase will grant you exclusive membership, guaranteeing you both early access and our very best prices for all future launches. You'll be the first to know about every offering! Upon purchase, just make sure you tick the box to confirm you agree to receive emails and offers. We'll automatically add you to the club.

We commit to provide worldwide shipping, and are currently working on the nitty gritties of setting up our shipping practices. Information will be updated well in time before we start shipping products early 2024.

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