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The Digital Set | Manifestation & Gratitude on the Go!

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Transforming Your Life - One Habit at the Time

When deciding upon our very first products, we wanted to create something truly powerful! We landed upon a set of journals designed to guide you in manifesting your best life.


Because journaling might just be THE ONE thing that has boosted our very own wellbeing the most, and we truly and sincerely want the same for you!

Crafted with Love - Built on Experience

Our journals are made with tons of love and based upon years of personal experience. We simply adore the 100 day method as a powerful starting point for journaling, and we're super excited to share its powers with you!

If you are willing to invest and commit to this 100 day journey, chances are these journals will boost your journey and skyrocket your personal growth!

Upon payment, you will immediately receive your digital files available for download directly on our website, as well as on email.

Upload the files to your preferred journaling app, and you'll be ready for journaling right away!

Due to the immediate access, we do not accept returns on this product. We thank you for understanding. If you require any help, feel free to get in touch anytime through our website chat or by sending an email to

  • You receive 2 hyperlinked PDF files:
  1. Your Actions: Our Manifestation Journal of 282 pages
  2. Your Smile: Our Gratitude Journal of 154 pages
  • Compatible with GoodNotes, Notability, and most other journaling and notebook apps.
  • Free resizing to match any tablet or smartphone upon request.
  • Each file contains detailed guidelines and introductory chapters taking you through the essence of gratitude, manifestation, and how to get the most out of your journal set.
  • Made to facilitate 100 days of deep gratitude and manifestation journaling. fancy the physical copy? Pre-order now for a discounted price by clicking here. 
  • Intuitive to use - The perfect tool to kickstart your journaling journey.
  • NB! This is a digital purchase. If you're looking for the physical Boxed Set, you can pre-order here.

 Introducing our Ultimate Journal Set | Digital Edition: Our 100-day Manifestation Journal + 100-day Gratitude Journal, both mindfully designed as interactive PDFs compatible with the most used apps on the market. 

Are you ready to unlock the incredible power within you and make your wildest dreams come true? Look no further! Our Journal set is carefully crafted to help you on your journey to empowerment, self-development, and abundance all around!


  • The Ultimate Combination of Manifestation and Gratitude: A double set to help you truly create the life you want by tapping into your own power with positivity, clarity, alignment, and action. Gratitude is a prerequisite for manifestation and that's exactly why these two journals belong together. 
  • Knowledge is power: Background information on the art of manifestation and how it works.
  • Step-by-step Process: You will be taken through a natural flow of information and exercises to ensure that you are not missing the beat during your journey of manifestation.
  • Purposeful Design: The Journals are thoughtfully crafted for the purpose of giving you motivation, inspiring reflection, and keeping you on the right path towards your goals.
  • Thorough investigation: These Journals are not like your ordinary journals in that they truly inspire you to rethink, rewire, reset, and achieve.
  • A 100-day adventure: These Journals take you through 100 days of manifesting and gratitude. A small commitment to make for potential life-changing development.
  • Tracking process: Before and after reflection, daily writing, weekly check-ins for measurable change during and after the journaling.
  • Start anytime: You decide when you start, but make sure you commit for 100 days consecutively.

    Your Destiny Awaits: Boost Your Gratitude, Manifest Your Dream Life!

    Embrace the possibility of a brighter future by getting started immediately. Discover your true nature, your true intuition, and your gratitude for life. Use the power of the universe; the power within you, to manifest what you desire the most. Whether you are looking for financial freedom, successful careers, better relationships, or inner peace; these journals will be your trusted companions along the way. Grab your digital copy right away, waste no time, and get started immediately with transforming your life from within!

    If you rather fancy the boxed set, click here.